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WordPress has created a wonderful industry through a CMS and thriving ecosystem for many people and companies across the web. It continues to evolve with one of the most lively and active communities around.

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Impact of Content Change on Search Engine Rankings

If you are struggling to write engaging content for so long, stop doing it as Mob Technologies is here to serve you with the best content writing services of various categories, which is SEO optimized as well. We have a proficient and experienced team of writers who have been serving lots of companies with high-quality content writing services.
Before taking a start, we would like to have a detailed conversation with you in which we precisely determine your goals. In this way, after identifying your goals, we can develop the best strategy for you and then begin work on your writing project. We are committed to make your brand or company stand out amongst all by developing powerful and unforgettable content for your brand.

A High Content Performance Will (Almost) Guarantee You a Top Google Position

As you can see in the screenshot below, after compiling and analyzing all the ranking content for the top positions in Google, for around 40,000 keywords, we realized that there is a very strong correlation between content performance and rankings (and therefore organic traffic we might say).

The content performance metric shows you how well a page is optimized from a content point of view, on a scale from 0 to 100. We needed a way to scale content when correlating it with rankings and content performance was great for this. You can find out more about Content Performance here or later in this article.

At an informal level, we always knew that content strategies have a lot to do with rankings and quality content creation improves your rankings. Google itself admitted it and they even created an update dedicated to this issue and the importance of relevant content

Various Content Writing Services we provide

Mob Technologies make you available a wide array of content writing services, some of which includes the following:

Article writing

Mob technologies have a skilled and experienced team of writers who can provide you the original and unique article writing services with the high-quality assurance. Without considering your project complexity and length, we ensure shortest turnaround time.

Blog writing

Blogs are crucial to build a reliable information resource for your clients and to drive traffic. We can provide your customers all the necessary business details by writing fantastic blogs that consequently convert your prospects into consumers.

Website content writing

The content written on your website must be persuasive enough to grab the attention of visitors. We aid you to write content for your website, i.e., the details about your product or services in a fantastic manner.

Press releases

We can help you to write press releases if you have something noteworthy to share. Press releases are still considered useful in the present age to generate the significant impact. We help you to boost marketing efforts by providing you remarkable press releases.

For more information about Rich Content Writing, contact us today at or 1234659889.

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