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Link Building (Brand Exposure)

What links mean for search engines.

So it’s clear that links still form the foundation of Google’s algorithm. The question is

Why are links very crucial?

Back in the days, when the Google wasn’t around, other dominant search engines like Alta Vista and Yahoo used to rank their search results entirely on webpage content.

Page Authority

If the PageRank powerhouse to you is page linking, then your rankings will significantly be affected by that link. When it comes to the page linking, it is more potent as compared to anything else. PageRank (Links from other authoritative pages) pass more authority to your website.

Site authority

The sitewide authority domain determines the quality of the link. Generally speaking, a link from a website having a big name will have a significant impact, without any doubt, as compared to no-name blogger. Such links aren’t much simple to get (it requires struggle) nevertheless are worth the effort.

Site Relevancy

The authority of the site matters the most when it comes to links. But it isn’t only the authority that matter but site’s relevance too. Imagine a scenario that you run a website on jewelry and get a link from a Dietary site, will it count for you? Definitely NOT.

Link Anchor Text

Anchor Text – The text section of the link, which is clickable. As per Google, it is a sort of ranking signal. For example, you get a link to your website with ‘fashion’ anchor text. The Google sees that anchor text and percept that the linked page is undoubtedly about fashion. The anchor texts which are Keyword-rich have been abused, just like everything in SEO.

In the present time era, it is considered spam to build loads of anchor text link which matches exactly with each other.

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