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What is On-Page SEO?

What is On-Page SEO? It is the practice to optimize every single page of your website to get high rankings as well as to earn traffic amongst Search Engines. In contrary to Off-Page SEO, it is something that refers to the HTML source code as well as the website content that can be optimized.
If you invest your time and energies for On-Page SEO, you will enjoy its perks, i.e., a rise in your online presence as well as an increase in website traffic. You can do it the right way if and only if you understand everything about On-Page SEO in detail. After you are done with a few efforts regarding this, you must analyze your website to see how miraculously your page is performing.

Meta Tags

In fact, the implementation of tags is the most crucial aspect you need to deal with, when it comes to the On-page SEO efforts. These tags will boost up the traffic if utilized optimally and written correctly.
Meta Tags proffer search engine the precise information about your page. You can choose to increase your click-through-rate with the custom Meta tags as it will inevitably influence users.

Title Tags

Your page may contain several tags, but title tag is one of the most crucial ones. For the paid ads as well as the organic search results, these are the title tags that are shown to the user in both cases. It proffers user the information about your page. When we talk about the webpage rankings for specific queries, the strategy of Google is to look at these title tags and then it chooses to compare that to the page content.
The maximum limit of the title tags has been changed recently and has increased up to 70 characters, but the ideal title tags are short but descriptive. Why is it suggested to keep it short? The reason is that if you keep it short, it will adequately display to the user. Moreover, to make your title tags appealing for visitors and to stand out amongst your competitors, all you need to do is include all the crucial information, relevant keywords as well as your local business location.
The use of snippet optimizer will let you know how your Meta description and title tags will appear in SERPs.

Use your title tag to stand out from your competitors, appealing to your visitors. Make sure all the pertinent information is included, including your keywords and location for local businesses

Meta Descriptions

The Meta description determines the information what the users are going to get on your page. In fact, it isn’t something that is included in direct ranking factor, but search engines read these descriptions to percept the topic of your page.

Google Algorithms – Be aware of it

In February 2011, the Google introduced the Panda algorithm. The purpose of its introduction is to get aside the high ranked websites with keyword stuffed, spammy and thin content. It is updated on regularly assure its effectiveness. The visitors won’t be able to see your website if it has low-quality content written on it.

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